Connected Learning…a Challenge

At the San Diego Area Writing Project (SDAWP) we are always looking for ways to learn from each and ways to support each others’ learning in our mission to improve writing instruction for the young people in our area.  For a while now we’ve been wanting to create a shared resource of mentor texts that teachers love and have used successfully to teach writing in their classrooms.  We’ve thrown a bunch of ideas around about how to do that–and nothing has really stuck.

Enter Barb–SDAWP Teacher Consultant and one of the administrators of our SDAWP Voices blog, the collaborative blog we’ve been experimenting with over the last year.  In another part of her life she is an artist with fabric–creating beautiful quilt projects–and maintains a sewing focused blog where she also participates in challenges and contests and blog link-ups.  Sharing her experience with textile artists and their social media world is helping us at the SDAWP experiment with new ways to build connections…and learning experiences.

So starting today we’re asking people–everyone is invited–to commit to the 113 Mentor Texts by the End of 2013 challenge.  Committing means agreeing to add at least one mentor text that you’ve used to teach writing or used to support your own writing that you would recommend to others.  There are lots more details on the SDAWP Voices blog here.

So join us…and please share with your friends and colleagues so we can reach our goal of 113 mentor texts by the end of 2013!

2 thoughts on “Connected Learning…a Challenge

  1. fmindlin

    I’ll bite! My wife and a friend of ours and I have just started organizing a reading group to share readings of other authors, NOT our own work, to be read aloud to the group. We were inspired when I found a three -page passage from Anne Dillard’s “The Writing Life” which I just felt need to be read aloud, and asked them to listen. I’m planning to record it as a Make for the #clmooc anyway, so it might as well go in here too… Also a couple of us in the CCWP F2F #clmooc group are planning to record a Spanish language dialog. Spanish language OK?

    1. Kim Douillard

      Hi Fred,
      Glad to have you participate! Spanish language is great–we have many bilingual teachers here!


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