Playing With Frames

Some days finding something interesting to photograph feels impossible!  When my days are filled with working and my photography is squeezed into stolen moments, inspiration can be hard to find.  I was feeling that way today.

So…instead of looking for something new and different to photograph, I decided to play around with a new way to photograph something ordinary.  While I was on playground duty this morning (don’t feel sorry for me, our playground has a beautiful view of the ocean!) and chatting with kids playing on the equipment, I was also scoping out new ways to look at my surroundings.  I noticed that the playground structure created some interesting frames.  With a little editing I came up with this photo from this morning’s efforts.


As I was editing this photo I also remembered some other shots when I played around with natural frames in the environment.  Here are a few…



San Diego skyline from the Coronado Bay Bridge

San Diego skyline from the Coronado Bay Bridge

There are so many ways to think about frames and how to use them.  Back in my first blog post I was thinking about how frames shape experience and provide a focus.  Today I found myself thinking about how a frame adds dimension and interest to a photograph.  Sometimes I want a visible, decorative frame.  Other times I want the framing to be invisible, letting the photo speak for itself.  And in both cases, the framing and frame are intentional.

I reframed my photography experience today by playing with the natural frames in my environment…creating the opportunity to make something more interesting through my camera lens and changing the way I viewed my surroundings.

What do you learn when you reframe your experiences?  How can you make the ordinary extraordinary?

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