There is no doubt that my photography inspires my writing and my writing refines and refocuses my photography.  (There is something about the reflective process of examining the photos and critiquing them for myself that pushes my “eye” in terms of photos I shoot.)

This evening I noticed on A Word in Your Ear that the A Word a Week Photograph Challenge was shadow.  And that single word got me to flip back through some recent photos thinking about shadow and just what that word means to me.

This accidental shadow from the weekend caught my attention.  I struggled in the bright sunlight to capture a photo of these pea fowl that really captured their beauty, their markings…and made them show up.  They tend to blend in with the dirt.


I think the shadow of me taking the photo is crisper than the photo of the peacock.  As I noticed my shadow I found myself shifting and turning as I figured out how to work the sun and shadow.  I found that my best photos of the pea fowl were a bit later when the sun dipped behind the clouds.

Earlier that week I had been at the beach taking some photos.  I love the way the shadow in this picture of Elli (a long-haired chihuahua) plays with her image of herself as a big dog.  She seems to think she is the protector of her people–and fiercely protects them as though she were five times her size.  (Like the shadow suggests!)


And I like playing with light sources…and the resulting shadows.  This post was all about light and its impact…and how it often results in shadows or silhouettes.  I love this silhouetted view of my husband looking to the light.

beach silhouette

And one of my favorite photos of shadows comes from my visit to the Giant Redwoods a few weeks ago.  These magnificent giants cast shadows that veil the forest floor, keeping the air cool and the sun at a distance.  The shadows create a magical world where the sun sneaks in to make unexpected appearances…creating an otherworldly glow here and there.


Shadow…revealing, playful, contemplative, magical…  But what about the shadow of tragedy, sadness, horror, poverty, crime?  Not that I am looking for darkness, but I am sure there are many more shadows to explore.

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