A Change in the Weather

The weather in San Diego is regular…regularly mild and as the weather reporters on the nightly news say, “Night and morning low clouds, with afternoon sunshine.”  Or something to that effect.

So when our weather changes, it is an event.

Today started out cool and overcast.  One of my first graders told me how freezing it was as we walked to the classroom this morning.  She was dressed in a short sleeved t-shirt, jeans, flats without socks, and a faux-fur lined vest.  In contrast, I was wearing a cotton sweater with a corduroy jacket and a windbreaker-like jacket over the top of that and a knit scarf around my neck…along with my slacks, short boots and socks.  I’ve learned over the years to layer since mornings are cool and the day usually warms up.

When I left my school at midday to head off to the university for the other part of my job, I carried my jacket and scarf…but knew I would bring them inside with me when I arrived.

And I’m so glad I did!  By the time I left the university it was raining!  I pulled the hood up on my jacket and tried to figure out how to capture a photo of the rain.  (It continues to look invisible through my camera lens).  Students walking across campus had their sweatshirt hoods up…but there were no umbrellas in sight!

As I got into my car I was hoping that I was ahead of the rush hour traffic.  Remember, the slightest moisture in San Diego brings out the crazy in drivers.

The rain had diminished before I got very far down the road…but as I got closer to home the clouds were mesmerizing.  Big, white clouds were layered with gray clouds that looked like the stuffing from grandma’s quilt.  As I drove, I was thinking about where I could get off the road to try to capture the beauty of the clouds.  (And it is not okay to stop on the freeway!)

I pulled off near my school, watching the streaks of sun shining through the clouds along the coast.  I drove to a spot I see most mornings where tall thin palm trees stand like sentinels overlooking the sea.


And I captured this view looking out to the ocean where the sun was getting ready to set on this short December day.

Change in the weather also means a change in the view…and it was spectacular this evening!  I like the way that change brings a new energy with it.  I can see it in my students when we change up the routines or like today, embark on a new topic of study.

As I look for new photo opportunities, I appreciate change even more than ever.  A fresh view, a new angle, a different frame, a change in the light…they all offer opportunities for photographic magic.  Just like change in the classroom creates new spaces for learning magic…and routines serve as anchors when the seas get rough.

I love the regularity of our weather here…and I love when it changes.  And I still need to learn how to capture a photo of rain…  Now to wait for another one of those rare occasions…

10 thoughts on “A Change in the Weather

  1. Tara Smith

    The photograph that accompanied this line: “where tall thin palm trees stand like sentinels overlooking the sea” were so beautiful! Thank you for slicing with us today.

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Thanks Tara! I think about those trees as sentinels often…and today just happened to be the day that the photo and the thought came together with the writing!

    2. Kristi Lonheim

      I agree with Tara!

      I have also sought ways to capture rain and sometimes end up capturing the drops, as they splash or are accumulated, rather than the full perspective of the scene.

  2. elsie

    Weather does bring changes to all parts of our lives. In the Midwest we are gearing up for a huge change. You photo was perfect, as were the words describing it.

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