Window Views

I’ve heard that saying that eyes are the windows to the soul…a way to look beyond the surface of a person into their thoughts and emotions, which got me thinking about windows.

From the outside, you can look through a window to see what is inside.  But sometimes, when the light is right, what you see when you look through the window from the outside is a reflection of the sky and trees…like this.


It’s almost more of a mirror than a window.  You don’t see through it, you see the world reflected back at you.

And other times when you look through a window you can see through one window and then back out another window…and catch a glimpse of what is on the other side.


It’s almost like looking beyond the present…into the future or maybe into the past.

But what about the shape of windows?  How does that impact our view?  These windows are long and thin, reducing the amount of light that enters and restricting the view.  Was that an intentional goal of the windows in this applied physics and math building?  Or is there some physics and math at work that impacts just how these windows work?


Looking through my photos also makes me realize just how much of my life is seen through the frame of a car window.  How does this window affect my view?  (This one is from the passenger seat…not the driver’s!)  I was fascinated by the VW bus, the rusty roof, the retro license plate…


And we also look out through windows.  Sometimes the view is pretty open, allowing a wide angle of view.


And other times there are barriers, restricting our vision and limiting what can be seen.


So are our eyes really like windows?  Do they sometimes reflect, sometimes allow the viewer to see beyond, sometimes carefully frame or give a view influenced by your seat?  What affects the way we see out?  When are the curtains drawn wide open and when are the blinds restricting the view?

How do your windows influence your view of the world?

9 thoughts on “Window Views

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    1. kd0602 Post author

      Sounds interesting. Do you post a window challenge every week? Do you put a new wrinkle in each week? It wasn’t clear from the pages I looked at. I’d love to know more!

  2. dochorsetales

    Love the images and ideas. When we first saw the house we chose to buy, I was looking out the windows so much that I hardly saw the interior. Many of the photos I post come from these windows (although I usually open them first).

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Interesting! I think I must usually take windows for granted–and only notice them when they block my view, limit airflow, etc. But as a photographer, I find myself noticing windows and thinking about them much like I think of frames… I love that the windows of your house spoke so loudly to you!

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  4. Hedineia Vicentin Rocha

    I really like your reflection. I’m student of Art and Design and I’m working on alternative and perspective and my project consist about different points of window view to the same neighbourhood and what the people feel about that. and then I ‘m looking for this I find your reflection. Thanks for let this registered here.


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