A Homage to Weeds

I’m fascinated by weeds.  They have a way of surviving in the most unlikely of circumstances, even when they are directly and persistently attacked…like the dandelions in our lawn!  And on a lazy Saturday, a day where I am trying not to have the cold this tell-tale runny nose is suggesting, I’m still looking for an interesting photo or two to snap.

So, after wandering around my yard, I spied a patch of dandelions and other assorted weeds that have hijacked an abandoned pot of dirt and the ground around it.

I love my macro lens when weeds are concerned, it takes me in close and lets me see the magic and beauty of what often is mistaken as ordinary.  So with the macro attached, my phone and I headed out to a corner of the yard.  I’m particularly interested in unfolding buds, like this one.

Dandelion bud-macro

The string-like petals remind me of a variegated ball of yarn or multicolored strands of thread. It’s hard to believe that this will bloom into that yellow, sun-like blossom that most recognize as a dandelion.  (I’ve written about dandelions before, if you’re interested.)  Here’s a few tiny blossoms trying to get a foothold in my lawn.


SDAWP TC Cindy Jenson-Elliott just had her first picture book released recently.  Weeds Find a Way is a book that celebrates weeds in all their tenacity, beauty, and adaptions for survival. We’ll be using it in our class this week to both teach students about weeds in all their glory and to study the writing as a mentor text for our writing about some other plants in our school garden.

water drop on dandelion

So this post is an homage to weeds, a pause to appreciate these often maligned plants.  Taking time to find beauty, especially in what others have taught us to see as ugly or a nuisance, is refreshing and renewing for me.  And for me it transfers beyond weeds and helps me look at all aspects of life and living in a more appreciative frame.

What have you taken the time to appreciate today?

14 thoughts on “A Homage to Weeds

    1. kd0602 Post author

      I do…and I love it! The downside is that I have to take the case off my phone…and then it simply magnetically attaches to the metallic ring around the lens of my phone. I also have a fisheye, wide angle, and telephoto lens. But you can tell…the macro is my true love!

  1. Beth Hillerns

    Thank you for this post! I remember being a little girl and picking dandelions for my mom, thinking they were so beautiful. i was a little indignant when I learned that they were weeds. Now my daughter picks them for me, and I have to see their beauty. (I just don’t want them in my yard!) Beautiful photos to accentuate your writing.

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Hi Beth,

      We definitely need reminders to view the world through the eyes of a child to appreciate the wonders around us. Being a teacher really helps me with that now that my own children are grown.

      Thanks for your comment!


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