Breaking Into Spring

Seems like spring has gotten a lot of attention this year.  Maybe the especially harsh and strung out winter in so many parts of the country has made people long for warmer weather, blue skies, flower blossoms, and baby animals.  Here where I live, winter forgot us this year…and yet, the yearnings for spring remain.

And this is spring break week for me.  People who know me well know that it is hard for me not to work, even when I have a week off.  But I am trying to make each day a bit of a treat.  Luckily, with some family visiting, that hasn’t been too hard to do.

Today’s treat was lunch out followed by a walk on the beach.  Since I spend plenty of time at the beach, taking pictures that are somehow different from those I have already taken becomes a priority.  We managed to hit the beach at low tide, and tide pools were exposed.  I came across this bivalve still attached to a piece of algae, opened–making it evident that the creature who once lived inside had left (or became some other creature’s lunch!).  These pools of water are fun to explore, especially while walking barefoot.

tide pool bivalve

And I always love sandpipers.  They are such energetic birds, and when they gather it reminds of a party.  They flit here and there, seeming to engage in small talk as they poke their long beaks into the sand for a tasty tidbit.  For a bit of variety, I played with filters and used a sepia tone on this version of the picture.

sandpipers in sepia

Even though it was warm today, into the 70’s even along the coast, sea breezes make the air feel cool and it’s evident that the trees along the shore deal with harsh breezes regularly.  As I looked up through this tree, I noticed the halo around the sun…an effect of the cloud cover.

beach sun

I’m enjoying a beachside spring break that isn’t about tropical drinks and sunbathing…although both sound appealing!  Instead, taking time on the beach is an opportunity to commune with nature, to appreciate the natural beauty, the cool breezes, the relaxing sounds of the surf and the chatter of the sea birds, and enjoy the company of my son and daughter-in-law.  Spring break is off to a great start!

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