A Mother’s Day Adventure

Sometimes one invitation creates space for new adventures and unexpected opportunities.  And for me that invitation led to today’s Mother’s Day adventure.

Tomorrow I will attend the 100Kin10 Summit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco–an effort focused on improving STEM teaching by bringing interested stakeholders in lots of different fields together to support teacher development and retention.  But more about that later…

So this morning I was on the moveheading to San Francisco on Mother’s Day to spend the day (and night) with my son and daughter-in-law.  And all of today’s travels were adventures…trying some new ways to getting where I needed and wanted to go.

I started my morning on an airline I hadn’t flown before.  I made my decision based on both price (of course) and on my need to fly into SFO.  There were lots of choices…and Southwest is usually my go to airline for short jaunts like this.  But this time I decided to try out Virgin America.  Advantages: same cost as Southwest, secured seat assignment (no worries about checking in exactly 24 hours before your flight to get your line-up number).  It also has a very different vibe…feels a bit “retro” and “hip”…especially the safety features video (a music video piece…quite amusing!).  The purple light decor and the music that played during the boarding process added to that feeling.

Virgin airlines

My flight arrived early into San Francisco…another plus, and I headed off to find the BART.  Today I would ride the Bay Area Rapid Transit system from the airport to my son’s house in the east bay.  I’ve ridden BART before, but not from SFO and not to my son’s house.  And you probably know, when you don’t do something very often, each time feels like something new.  Figuring out how to buy the ticket was probably the trickiest part of my journey…and it wasn’t too challenging.

sfo bart station

bart rails

I spent the BART ride people watching and taking photos of the scenery passing by.  While the train was relatively empty when I got on at the airport, it continued to fill as we headed from station to station toward the city.  There were travelers with luggage, young people with backpacks, families…a cute family with three exuberant boys got on at one point, the young couple with the bouquet of flowers for her mom, the guy with the electric bike that he positioned between his knees so he could sit and work his crossword puzzle for the journey, the older woman who was off to spend the day with her son, the cute older couple who held hands as they found seats, and more…

electric bike

I took this shot by shooting out the window while we traveled at a fast pace through a tunnel, capturing the reflection of people in the car with me.

window reflection

It was fun to watch and notice and recognize the different communities along the way, from the colorful houses on the hillsides between the airport and the downtown area to views of the oil rigs and shipping containers outside of Oakland, and then the expansive hillsides of the suburban east bay communities.  I arrived as scheduled, ready for my son to pick me up.

bart station distance

After being treated to lunch out with my son and daughter-in-law, we had a relaxing Mother’s Day, hanging out at their house, catching up and talking, and playing with Roscoe…their Corgi. We were still on the move as we headed out for a walk into the sunny and warm afternoon, giving me an opportunity to explore their neighborhood.

dog walking

And…it gets better…my son cooked a delicious dinner for us!  The perfect ending to a wonderful day filled with adventure, movement, and love.  I’ll be back on BART tomorrow, commuting with my son this time, as he heads in to work and I head in for the conference…


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