Beach Rooms

As I’m sure you have noticed, I take lots of beach walks.  And since I take lots of photos on those walks, in order to keep from taking the same pictures over and over again, I have to be ready to find a new focus each time I go.

I saw the new Daily Post weekly photo challenge last night…room.  And as I headed for the beach, I started to think about what room would mean on the beach.  My first thought was that the beach offers lots of room to breathe.  While that is true, once I arrived, I saw a variety of rooms on the beach.

As I headed down toward the shore, I noticed the lifeguard stand.  This particular one had been put away during the winter, but is back out now…complete with a lifeguard.  This is definitely a room for the lifeguard and he was making himself comfortable as he watched all the people on the beach.

lifeguard stand

Heading down the beach, I started to notice the spaces that people who live on the bluffs above have built right above sand level.  It is clear that they see the beach as an extension of their home and have gone to elaborate lengths to create some comfortable rooms and spaces to keep their beach gear.

beach room too

Notice the beach stones used to build the lower wall on this one!

beach room

Not long after, we came across a group of people with surfboards who had built this teepee-like structure from reeds that grow nearby.  They seemed to be gathered to honor one of their own. The women gathered in beach chairs and the men with their surfboards, clutched flowers as they readied themselves to enter the waves.  It is a common ritual to gather on surfboards in the ocean to pay tribute to a fellow surfer…a memorial at sea, choreographed by the friends of the one who has died.

reed teepee

As we continued our walk this maze of stairways caught my eye.  Unlike the ones I saw earlier, these seemed to emerge from rooms far above on the bluffs rather than near the shore.


And some rooms are more temporary in nature.  I love this room…a fort made from a boogie board and beach towels.  A perfect place to hide away from the sun and easy to pick up and go…either into the waves or to head back home.

beach fort

The beach is filled with rooms.  Some have roofs and no walls, providing shade without privacy, while others are almost tents, blocking wind and offering shade–and a great place to read!

beach shelter

As we got ready to leave, I couldn’t help noticing the sign behind the room-less showers…of course the full sign read bathrooms, but I couldn’t resist taking this photo!


I love the beach for the room it offers to breathe and to think, the cool frothy waves and briny sea air seem to soothe worries and offer space in an otherwise full life.  But today, I also noticed all the other rooms at the beach…for shelter, privacy, ritual, storage, and service.  I’m reminded that rooms serve many purposes and come in endless varieties.  And now I’m wondering…what unexpected places have you found room(s)?

3 thoughts on “Beach Rooms

  1. sustainabilitea

    I enjoyed your interpretation and the various rooms you found. That lifeguard room is a mansion compared to most which are simply a stand with an umbrella! And I like that you caught “room” in one photo.



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