A Macro View: Texture

I love using the macro lens.  It magnifies subjects so that what is ordinarily unnoticed suddenly takes shape and comes to the forefront.  So when I saw the Daily Post weekly photo challenge topic of texture…I knew exactly what I wanted to post.

The macro lens on my iPhone is not particularly convenient, I have to take the cover off my phone and then attach the magnetic lens, so I don’t use it as frequently as I would like.  Earlier this week I was in a beautiful garden…meant to be a replica of a homestead garden…in Bozeman, MT at the Museum of the Rockies.  A bounty of flowers and vegetables flourished…calling my attention.  There were poppies, sunflowers, and myriad flowers whose names I don’t know.  And the onions were magnificent!

texture_red and white onion

And while we needed to head out to the airport for our flight home, I just had to steal away a few minutes for some macro shots.  Here is one of the onion above.

texture_onion macro

And here is one of the blossoms of a different variety of onion.


The brilliant red poppies also caught my eye.  They are gorgeous without looking closely, but magnification brings out the delicate tendrils and the distinctive centers.

texture_red poppy

And I also saw these same centers standing alone without the crimson petals.

texture_poppy bud

As I wandered through the garden I continued to move close and zoom in on blossoms.  This one with the spiky center looks almost like a bouquet of colored pencils

texture_red bloom

This fluffy tan ball revealed small individual flowers through my macro lens.


I’m not sure what this tiny purple ball wrapped in green spines will look like when the bloom opens.


When looking closely through the macro lens, centers pop, revealing intricacies of design.



Looking closely creates opportunities to pay attention.  Seeing the contrast between hard and soft edges and elaborate design with repeated patterns also seems to draw attention to the vibrance of color…like in this purple blossom.


Textures often go unnoticed when we look at flowers and vegetables.  Instead we tend to notice the overall shape and general color, and sometimes the fragrance as well.  I love the ways the centers of flowers uncover distinctive details about how the flower reproduces and unfolds.  What originally appears smooth and soft is more complex and nuanced with a closer look.

And that is true of life too.  Looking closely and paying attention can change our observations and our perspective.  Sometimes you just have to lean in and take the time to smell…and photograph the flowers!


4 thoughts on “A Macro View: Texture

  1. Capt Jill

    Those are all fantastic photos! I’m amazed you could get those great shots with your phone. I just broke down and bought a new phone (only because ATT told me my old one was not going to work anymore once they got the system upgraded). I didn’t want to pay extra for a fancy phone, so I only got a pantech. I never thought about using my phone for photography. Maybe next time I need a new phone, I’ll go for the iphone (or whatever the latest ‘thing’ is by that time). 😉

  2. margaretsmn

    Beautiful pictures. I also have a macro lens that I don’t use often for the same reason. I should take a break today and connect it to my camera and go exploring.


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