Fall’s Nighttime Beach

As the season shifts from summer to fall

nighttime begins to stretch, lengthening shadows

and shortening the day

Light plays hide and seek with the sun and clouds

painting with colors only nature knows

seagulls in the blue light

seagull in soft light

The photographer frames the bride in the glow

of the setting sun

and she turns, and smiles washed in the soft warmth of the sinking sun

sunset bride

and the dog frolics, running the gauntlet of kelp

through the rivulets of salty water as the low tide starts to rise again

sunset dog

At the edge of nighttime, light creates silhouettes

shadowy outlines framed by light

a bicyclist

sunset bicycle

a seagull

seagull silhouette

As I head for home, the lights come on

darkness is near

stone steps lights

Those who play at the beach into the night

build their bonfires

and settle in

to enjoy

fall’s nighttime beach

sunset bonfire


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