Surfing Madonna 5K

When I first saw the Daily Post photo prompt for this week–cover art–I felt a bit out of my element.  I love taking photos and using them to prompt my thinking and writing, but haven’t really thought about images as covers up to this point.  But with cover art in my head, I continued to take photos this weekend.

Saturday was the Surfing Madonna 5K, a local run/walk that would take place on the beach where we walk regularly.  With a nice low tide, the 5K would take place right on the sand along the shoreline in the late afternoon.  Geoff had signed up to participate in this event some time ago…and although I had to work in the morning, I headed to the beach afterward to connect with Geoff and walk with him.

And of course, I couldn’t just walk.  With my phone in hand, I snapped photos as we walked. And when I looked through my images later, this one struck me as a cover photo.  I love the way the runner is silhouetted against the surf in full stride, the clouds reflected on the sand, and the light illuminating the waves in the background.  This was one of the more serious runners, heading for the finish as we still headed toward the turn-around point.

cover art-runnerAnd we sure weren’t alone on the beach (although this runner looks to be running mostly alone).  Here’s a glimpse of the crowd near the start…there are lots of people you can see ahead and even more yet to start behind.

and they're off!

And I’m not sure if the costumes were a nod to Halloween coming up…or just a feature of quirky beach culture.  I did snap a photo of these bananas on the beach…


There were also lots of women (and a few men) in tutus…


And many, many more costumes including all forms of super heroes, mermaids, King Tut (in full gold painted face), sharks, squids, crabs…all out running and walking on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  It was a fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October and the proceeds benefit ocean-related education programs in our area.  Definitely a win-win!


4 thoughts on “Surfing Madonna 5K

  1. Bob Nichols

    Thank you for sharing these great pictures. It was definitely a great day. This year we’ve made a bunch of great changes to really increase our participants experience. Larger medals, more stylized shirts, fresh fruit at the finish line, and you don’t have to run past Moonlight this year, just straight to the finish line as we will increase the distance going North. Happy Running and thanks again for a great descriptive article!

    Bob Nichols
    President- Surfing Madonna Oceans Project


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