Minimalist Pleasures

I love the beach.  I love to walk.  I love to take pictures.

And a perfectly timed super low tide, summer-like weather (in November!), and the just-right prompt set me off for a meditative adventure (is that an oxymoron?) this afternoon that combined the three.

I’m always surprised by how much the beach changes from week to week…sometimes even day to day.  When I arrived today, I noticed right away that the fairly flat beach had been replaced by a large berm, seemingly to protect the permanent lifeguard structure and upper sandy area from the late fall/winter tide patterns.  And as I began to walk, the super low tide revealed rocks that have been covered by sand all summer.  What was a smooth sandy beach a few weeks ago, is now rocky.

uncovered rocks

The simple, minimal beauty of rocks and water and sky is profoundly calming and relaxing.  I found myself breathing deeply, soaking in the peace.

Walking further, I found I could walk on sandbars that put the open ocean on one side of me and pools and rivers of sea water on the other.  I was mesmerized by the reflections of light and the soft ripples as the wind played with the water.

low tide blue

A recent Huffington Post article entitled Why Being Near the Ocean Can Make Your Calmer And More Creative seems to confirm my experiences with the beach.

The monochromatic shades of blue, a minimalist masterpiece of blue sky, blue water, blue shadows…caught my eye as I caught this bird in flight.

bird in flight

As I turned around to head back to my starting place, the sun had moved lower in the sky, painting the landscape with warm light.

stairs to nowhere

Oranges and yellows replaced the blues as the sun painted the sky.

rosy reflection

A lone bird, the sun multiplying as it is reflected in the water and a minimalist portrait of solitude emerges.

bird and sun

A perfect, peaceful ending to the work week.




5 thoughts on “Minimalist Pleasures

    1. kd0602 Post author

      In my mind a trip to the beach is always in order! I enjoyed yesterday’s trip so much I went back again today. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Lynn.

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