Holiday Twinkle

My neighborhood is filled with light this time of the year.  Icicle lights hang from eves, nets of lights hang on shrubs, and I even noticed some new light sources projecting light on the walls of houses and words onto a garage.

Tonight, with peppermint hot chocolate in hand, we set off for a nighttime walk around the neighborhood to appreciate the twinkle of lights decorating the neighbors’ houses.  With only my iPhone as camera, I tried my hand at some night photography.  It’s pretty clear that I still have some work to do at improving in this area of photography.

I loved these lanterns hanging from a tree.  They seem to be a string of colored lights arranged in chicken wire.

colorful lantern

I had fun playing around with this snowman.  Using the app Big Lens, I was able to focus on the snowman and blur the background and then use a filter called snow to create a chilling effect! (And trust me, it’s not snowing here!)

snowy snowmanHere’s a version without the snow effect.


There are lots of colorful lights hanging from bushes, wrapped around palm trees, and outlining doorways.  Some flash, some blink, and some stay lit steadily.

colorful lights

There are elaborate displays…some reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…and others more serene like this one with two deer in lights.

deer in lights

And as much as I enjoy these twinkling holiday lights, I find myself drawn to nature’s twinkle of sun on water.  I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset…and take too many photos of them.  This one from earlier this week was particularly beautiful with the clouds hunched along the horizon.

sparkling sunset

And I love the twinkle of the clouds reflected in the still water of the lagoon after yesterday’s storm.  If you look closely you can see a ripple of the breeze along the water.

lagoon and clouds

As we head towards our shortest day, light becomes the focus of holiday celebrations.  I notice myself seeking out the light…looking for sunrises and sunsets, holiday light displays and candlelight.  There is something both calming and energizing about the light of late fall as we celebrate winter holidays.

What light draws your attention?  Where do you find the twinkle of light in your life?





2 thoughts on “Holiday Twinkle

  1. woody mott

    The xmas lights are OK, but the sunset is fantastic, it explodes off the screen, make me want to cover my eyes.



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