Finding Focus

Sometimes life is so busy, it seems to go by in a blur.  Images are out of focus and it’s hard to see with any clarity.  But mostly, when things get busy, I forget to take care of what matters most–my relationships with the people I love.

My one little word this year is explore.  And as the year has progressed, I have discovered that explore means more than journeying outside and exploring the world around me.  It also means exploring my interactions with others, the limits of my physical strength, and how I use my time outside of my work responsibilities.

Hiking in the mountains Saturday with my hubby offered me time and space to breathe deeply (even at 8000 feet of elevation!), spend time together away from chores and other work, and to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

I took many pictures, but the ones I will highlight here are those that include both a sharp image and a blur–thanks to my macro lens.

The drought means that things are dry, even high in the mountains.  And while we saw a few lingering patches of snow, it’s clear that water is scarce.  But the manzanita was in bloom with its beautiful red wood and pinkish-purple blossoms.


I’m not sure what these little pods are that caught my eye hanging from the tree I passed.  Small and green and fuzzy looking.


This plant seemed to have found a water source…with some green buds visible.  If you look closely, you’ll notice a hair caught on the bud while the background is a blur.


These dry little thistly plants look like weeds…and I love that you can see the blur of the forest behind the crispness of the dry looking plant.


And here, the mountains are in evidence behind these dry branches.


It’s easy to get lost in the blur of the hectic pace of everyday life, yet these images remind me that we can decide where to place the focus if we choose.  Life’s too short not to take time to explore…and figure out what is important.  Sometimes the blur is the perfect backdrop, the broad overview, the hustle and the bustle.  And other times we need to focus on what matters most and appreciate what is right in front of us!

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