Poetry Play

We challenged the SDAWP SI folks to transmediate their own writing by adding sound and/or animation.  And that meant that I had to figure it out too!  I know I am most comfortable with still photographs and words, so this pushed me out of my comfort zone.  After some frustrating attempts at other applications, I turned to iMovie for my make.  I used my original photos along with a couple others had taken of our group, added a poem I wrote on yesterday’s writing marathon around the UCSD campus, and then recorded my voice.

Here’s my first attempt:

I am wishing that I had taken some video on the writing marathon to add some other texture to the piece. What suggestions would you make to improve this piece?

2 thoughts on “Poetry Play

  1. dogtrax

    I don’t know if adding video (or movement) would have improved or distracted the digital poem story here. It’s a wonderful ode to connections as it stands. I wonder if you can add a soft music soundtrack — giving it emotional depth between words. Also, I had this vision of some small bits of color within the b/w photos, just small splashes, almost out of sight. Not sure how you would do that, or if it would jar the eye and change the balance.

  2. Karon Bielenda

    This was great! I felt a “Ken Burns influence.” What advances were you thinking? Often tools are limiting. I think there is a Ken Burns effect mode for images in iMovie (I think). I love your perspective.


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