Texture: NPM 2019 Day 27



My eyes trace the curves

filigree curlicues


into what was once a smooth sheet

Blue peeks through

adding a pillow of soft

to the sculpted edges

Shadows cast on concrete

echo as sunlight

passes through

cooling the midday rays

Texture tap dances

on my heart

rhythms as reminders

that life takes place

in the spaces between

touch the raised surfaces

the dips and cutouts

the places we feel

leaving impressions


of life lived



2 thoughts on “Texture: NPM 2019 Day 27

  1. dogtrax

    Music fills the gaps —
    rhythms as reminders —
    the blue sky singing
    the sun in my ears, and every
    shaped shadow of raised
    surface — where the texture
    tap dances with time —
    becomes counterpoint,
    a soft descending melody to
    these rising lines

    –Kevin, trying to use a few of your phrases


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