Wavy Turban Snail: NPM 2019 Day 28

Wavy Turban Snail

Wearing an elaborate castle

the wavy turban snail

pushes out its foot and sticks it to a rock

while salty waves splash

and then recede


the spiral  staircase

that reaches to the sky

embracing spring sunshine at low tide

wearing a feathery cap

or just bringing red algae

along as a friend

the snail pulls in

preserving the wet

and keeping the drying sun out

in its castle

on the rock



2 thoughts on “Wavy Turban Snail: NPM 2019 Day 28

  1. dogtrax

    Who dressed you
    like that for the hours ahead,
    with algae as your hat
    and the sun on your head?

    Imagine, friend snail,
    as you pause here to wait
    for the hours to arrive,
    for a taste of the tides,

    I worry of you
    as I wander
    away .. for you’ll be gone
    by the time evening



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