SOLC Day 28: Today is Saturday

Today is Saturday. I have to remind myself since all the days feel similar when work and home have become the same place. Saturday means not setting my alarm clock, not settling myself into my working space (at the kitchen table), and a yummy Saturday breakfast made by my husband (today was french toast, bacon, and fruit).

Since my beach walks are on hold for now, a neighborhood walk was in order. But it’s Saturday. So I talked Geoff into walking with me…and he talked me into walking to CVS so he could play Lotto (an essential task…for him).

I’m working to pay more attention to the photographic possibilities on these suburban treks. And I took a number of photos along my way. (I didn’t carry my camera, instead depending on my phone camera for the shots.)

It was coronavirus-empty today. Traffic much lighter than usual and not many people out and about. I couldn’t help but notice the sign waver guy across the way, perched on the fire hydrant. I’m glad he has work and will get paid, but it made me wonder about which jobs people are still heading out for each day. Is the iPhone repair place still open for business? Does the sign waver make a difference in its business?

So what will Sunday bring? Another neighborhood walk, some time spent reading, some last minute lesson planning (getting ready to launch a month full of poetry reading and writing), time on the stationary bike while I watch some Netflixs (i just discovered the new season of Ozarks), and more time than I want to spend at home. I’m desperately missing errands, impromptu adventures, and the beach. But I’m staying home, even though today is Saturday.

9 thoughts on “SOLC Day 28: Today is Saturday

  1. natashadomina

    Your post does such a lovely job of capturing your day. This line really struck me: “I’m desperately missing errands, impromptu adventures, and the beach.” as well as this one ” I have to remind myself since all the days feel similar when work and home have become the same place.” You articulate these feelings so well!

  2. Joy Bakken

    I appreciate the honesty in your words. These are trying times. Humans are meant to get out and connect. You capture your feelings so well, especially in this line, “I’m desperately missing errands, impromptu adventures, and the beach.”

  3. Suzanne

    It is incredible how quickly I have shifted to being a homebody. It helps that I spend a good portion of the day “working from home”. I’m going to concentrate on more local photography. Perhaps actually catch the trees leading out! As always, I enjoyed your post. It has gotten me thinking.

  4. joyousthoughts

    I can hear all the things I’ve been thinking and feeling in your words. I don’t have a beach where I live, but I should be heading to Florida tomorrow for spring break, which I’m obviously not doing now. Thanks for sharing.

  5. mbhmaine

    I woke yesterday thinking about errands as well. How can it be Saturday without a trip to the Recycling Barn? So odd. You have me thinking about your phone store and sign guy. I imagine phone repair is an essential business these days yet people might assume the store would be closed…maybe? Walking has become even more essential for me these days. We’re fortunate in that spring is beginning to show up around here, so there’s always something new to see if you look carefully enough. With the beaches off the table, we discovered two beautiful new walks not too far away. Another silver lining.

  6. Stacey Shubitz

    It’s hard to keep track of what day it is over here too. The only reason I know is because I don’t “do school” with my daughter on the weekends. Therefore, Saturdays and Sundays have been having a more distinct feel. But the weekdays? Those glommed one into the other.


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