Snowy Egret Questions: NPM #15

Today was my first day back with my full class, full day, now on a 5-day a week schedule. I’ve challenged them (and myself) to writing a poem-a-day during the month of April. Today I started by reading them Little Black Crow by Chris Rascka–a picture book written entirely of questions. And we revisited the poem Yellow Weed by Lilian Moore–a question poem. Then we set off to write our own question poems.

I love writing with my students–and I love when they make no hesitation before beginning to write. And better yet, when after 7 minutes, I asked who would like to share their question poem–more than half the class shot their hands into the air! What fun to hear their question poems and the variety of topics they picked to write about. And they were not surprised at all to hear than I chose to write my question poem about snowy egrets.

So here is my poem:

Snowy Egret

Feathery friend, what brings you to the beach today?

Is it the tasty orange shrimp in the low tide soup?

Feathery friend, do those bright yellow feet

bring critters near as you stomp and stir?

Are they a beacon shining bright in the salty sea grass?

When you spread your delicate white wings

do you feel like a plane

or a kite lofted into the gentle sea breeze?

Feathery friend, what do you think when you see

my eye pressed to my camera lens?

Am I intruder or a familiar-faced friend?

Feathery friend, where do you go when you leave the beach?

Do you fly away home? Do you live alone?

I look for you on all my beachside walks

my lucky charm

a sign of good fortune.

Good bye snowy egret,

will I see you soon?


2 thoughts on “Snowy Egret Questions: NPM #15

  1. mbhmaine

    Those snowy egrets have just started to arrive here! I love your prompt and your response. The conversational tone is perfect and you’ve woven in so many details. You’ve inspired me to write my own question poem — and since it’s the first day of spring break, I have time to do it 🙂 Yippee! I’m also going to have time to visit the marshes and hopefully see some snowy egrets myself. Do you have great egrets out there too?

  2. margaretsmn

    Question poems are the prompt on Ethical ELA today. I’ve been following their prompts daily and enjoy that community.
    I posted equation poems on my blog and one of mine is about the white egret.
    Your poem resonates with me as many of my questions tune in to nature. I would be wondering about wood ducks as my nest of ducklings jumped yesterday. Such a fun sight. But writing about something you adore is harder than you’d think. I’m going to try a question poem. Thanks for the inspiration!


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