Time to Apologize: NPM #21

Today we learned about William Carlos Williams and studied his iconic poem: This is Just to Say. Students were quite excited about the idea–especially when I encouraged them to be playful. They apologized to their dogs, to chairs, to brothers, and more.

Me…my apology poem was dedicated to my feathered friends: snowy egrets.

A Snowy Egret Apology

I have taken your photo

hundreds of times,

never asking your permission

You probably wish

I would leave you alone

or just admire

you with my eyes

from a distance

Forgive me

your bright yellow feet

and delicate as lace feathers

are too gorgeous to resist


3 thoughts on “Time to Apologize: NPM #21

  1. Janet F.

    Oh, egrets. I love the look of disdain, as they are on duty and then off they go. I have had some photo beauties when staying at a friend’s terrific place in Florida. But an apology should be in order. They are gorgeous birds. Your poem is a fine version of WCW. This is just to say, I hope he somehow knows that his short poem can be used by so many in so many ways!


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