Watching: SOL22 Day 3

On a too many Zoom meetings day my walk begins at dusk. I notice the clouds gathering tinged with the deep pinks of the setting sun. Winds are picking up and temperatures are heading down. Some much needed rain is in the forecast.

If one good thing came from the pandemic it is the daily walk that has now become a regular habit–one we seldom miss. It is also a time for looking, noticing, watching…paying attention to whatever presents itself. The neighborhood walk is not my favorite. Manicured lawns, tract homes, and family cars feel mundane and routine. The occasional snail, lizard, or dandelion add interest and some variety.

Some days I notice birds. The most common are of the corvid species–crows and ravens who converse raucously from the treetops. Today I spied a small bird of prey perched on the lamppost…watching the world while I watched it. I always wonder what those wonderful wild bird think from their suburban perch. Do they notice the carefully groomed yards, the small dogs in cute sweaters on reel-in leashes, the tweens on electric bikes buzzing down the sidewalks?

A hawk? A falcon? Something else? I don’t think my iphone photo offers enough clues for identification. But it did add interest to my walk.

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