After the Storm: SOL22 Day 4

I woke with a jolt at 2am to the rumble of thunder, the room lighting up even under my closed eyelids. The patter of water on the roof followed, the predicted rain had arrived. Forecasts for rain are often unrealized promises in these parts as we watch the rain percentages on the weather app drain away as the appointed rainy day nears. We were lucky this time, we did get close to half an inch overnight.

Friday afternoons are blissfully usually Zoom-free, with most people being done with meetings as the week winds toward the weekend. That also means I can often squeeze in a walk on the beach if the tide conditions are right. And today was perfect. With a negative tide around 4pm, we would have plenty of beach to walk and explore. There is nothing like heading to the coast to make that separation between work and the weekend.

After a storm is a glorious time. The sea is wild with wind-whipped whitecaps and the shore is often empty as sun bathers stay away and water lovers wait out a few more hours before risking the swim. With temps in the high 50’s, the time was right for some exploration and deep breathing.

The tidepools beckoned. I stepped carefully, making sure to avoid the exposed sea anemones. And I found myself mesmerized by the ripples in the water, catching the light and dancing in the light sea breeze.

Geoff is an avid beach cleaner, always with a bag in hand to pick up any trash we encounter. Storms push the trash to shore and we came across an assortment of styrofoam pieces (from surfboards and from food containers), straws, bits of colorful plastic, and even this mostly intact plastic food/drink container. I couldn’t resist a shot with the seagull in the background before Geoff added it to his trash bag.

I love the way a walk on the beach unkinks my shoulders and smooths my brow. The white noise of the waves crashing clears my mind and helps me set my work aside and be present in the beauty of nature. I leave windblown and refreshed and this week, ready to host our San Diego Area Writing Project (SDAWP) Spring Conference tomorrow morning. Another beach walk may be in store tomorrow afternoon…

6 thoughts on “After the Storm: SOL22 Day 4

  1. Terje

    A walk on a beach sounds like a meditation. It is saddening that human activity shows its ugly side there. Your photos and words wonderfully bring a reader to the beach with you.

  2. margaretsmn

    The water ripples is a beautiful image. I am so envious of your meditative walks on the beach. Such a wonderful way to unwind from the week and refill for the weekend ahead.

  3. cvarsalona

    Kim, now that I moved to VA to be closer to my little grandgirls, I miss the beach, the roar of the sea, and the peaceful boardwalk walks. I know I can always go to your blog to find some beach scenes to ignite my spirit. The rippled water photo is such a glorious sight. I hope Margaret Simon uses this shot in one of her This Photo Wants to Be a Poem series. I hope your conference was filled with joy.

      1. cvarsalona

        Would you like to share a winter image poem of the ocean/beach for my upcoming Winter’s Embrace Gallery of Artistic Expressions? I love your work.

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