Joshua Tree: NPM22 Day 6

Today’s poem was inspired by the desert beauty of Joshua Tree National Park and the poetry prompt from Mo over at Ethical ELA as part of April’s #verselove. Today’s poetry comes in the form of a cherita–as Mo describes it: a 6 line story in 3 stanzas. First stanza is a single line, second stanza has 2 lines, and the third stanza has three lines. WordPress sometimes fights with me over formatting–so hopefully this will bear out as intended!

San Gorgonio Mountain view from Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree

In this land life is hearty: thin and sharp

When water–life’s blood–arrives

natives drink their fill, not sure when the next sip will arrive

Living in this harsh world, extremes equal balance

hot and cold hold hands / wet and dry play tag

beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everywhere if you know where to look

Cholla cactus, up close and dangerous!

Joshua Tree blooming

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