May Gray: NPM22 Day 10

Today’s poetry prompt is to write a definito, a definition poem, as described by Margaret over at #verselove at Ethical ELA. As is usual for me, I was inspired by a walk on the beach today…a walk in the deep gray of a thick marine layer that has blotted the sun. Here’s my definito (which likely is breaking all the rules of a definito).

May Gray

A weather term in frequent use

in Southern CA

characterized by






marine layer

tightly wrapping the sun in its cloak

keeping light rays at bay

May Gray can be sneaky

whispering its way into the day

in swatches of clouds

graying a brilliant blue sky

often settling only on the west side

of the freeway

Sometimes May Gray is protective

pushing forecasted heat waves back

into inland valleys

keeping the coastline cool

under its gray covers

May Gray is moody

dampening Spring Fever

cooling anticipation

of beach days

It might even be the reason

for the prevailing fashion:

short shorts and tank tops

paired with Ugg boots and puffer jackets

Just when you hope that summer is near

you remember that

May Gray is followed by its close cousin

June Gloom

and when it arrives in April…


Go away, May Gray

May Gray in April

1 thought on “May Gray: NPM22 Day 10

  1. Charlene Doland

    I like how you played with the form! May Gray sounds very much like the months of December through March further north where I live.


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