What a Poem Can Do: NPM22 Day 29

Who doesn’t love a poem about a poem? Today’s #verselove prompt at Ethical ELA was presented by Glenda who also shared a mentor poem and video by Darius V. Daughtry, what can a poem do? Daughtry’s poem begins with a series of explanations of what poems don’t do, then pivots to what poems can do. For my own poem, I decided to focus on what poems can do without the examination of what they can’t or don’t do.

What a Poem Can Do

A poem can peel back skin

revealing he heart




A single word

can taste like childhood

licking up


in the swirl of memory



to breathe in


to breathe out

tapping the melody of


against the rhythms

of all the yesterdays

A poem can paint the world

in every shade of blue

until color


in new opportunities to see


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