Just in Time: NPM23 Day 1

It’s the first day of National Poetry Month…and that’s no joke! When I awoke this morning I saw that #verselove over at Ethical ELA had a haibun prompt. Hmmm…. I don’t think I have ever written a haibun, but I had just read about it as I reviewed the picture book Wabi Sabi that I will be using with my students after we come back from break. This form begins with some prose poetry and then ends with a Haiku.

So after quite a full first day of spring break…here is my haibun.

The break arrives just before the taut knot of


bursts allowing a slow start before taking to the road to unravel and explore

Crisscrossing state lines

Natural beauty awaits

But first stop: Vegas

2 thoughts on “Just in Time: NPM23 Day 1

  1. Elisabeth Ellington

    The juxtapositions and contrasts here are so engaging–the slow break before the breakneck speed of the rest of the year, the meandering road trip promising nature but first delivering Vegas.

  2. karpenglish

    Not a form that I am familiar with either, but I love the line, “assessmentsreportcardsconferencestoomuchtodointoolittletime .” My break is just finishing, so I feel exactly the same way, except we had conferences two weeks into the semester, so I have to substitute in “statetesting” instead. 😂 Enjoy Vegas and your road tripping.


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