Architectural Tour: NPM23 Day 27

When I saw Chea’s invitation over at #verselove this morning, I knew that I would need to do a photo walk and create a photo essay poem about this place where I continue to spend so much time–UCSD. I combined my lunch break with walking and taking pictures, not quite sure what would speak to me once I sat down to commit words to a page.

Architectural Tour

In this place

cars hide underground

burrowed together

out of sight, out of the way

Emerge into a space

of angles, lines, sharp corners, rigid edges

structures to hold learners and learning

restrained, confined

Creativity splashes orange

filling eyes, nose


break free

find your own face looking back

New shoulders old

towering, shadowing

the elderly relics

of another generation

How will the piles of folders

paper towers

infuse, confuse, contribute

build, flourish



outside in

inside out

native beauties, architectural wonders



See anew

abandoned lenses



Historical paths

lead to new discoveries

symphonic differences

roughing up the angles, straight lines

Beyond the structures

eyes on

brains on

hearts on

let learning


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