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As the Sun Descends

The days are shorter and finally cooler.  The crisp of fall rides the air currents and shoes and socks are beginning to replace weekend flip flops.  Rain (finally!) pelted the parched ground overnight and clouds still gather, hunched over the horizon, adding texture to our often cloudless, pure blue skies.

beachside clouds at sunset

As the sun continued its descent, the seabirds played on the breeze, cruising the currents, darting and dancing with seeming delight at the change in the weather.

clouds near sunset with gull

Dipping into the sea, the sun takes the day away and lets night in.  The smell of bonfires mixes with the briny sea air, the glow of the fires becomes visible as the cloak of darkness wraps the sky.

sunset with gull

I pull my sweatshirt hood up, zip to my chin, and snuggle close to my honey.  It’s cold…at least by San Diego standards.  Finishing its descent, the sun leaves a glow on the horizon and signals time to head home to its watchers.  And tonight will also mark our time change, falling back from daylight savings time to standard time.  We’ll have short days and long nights to look forward to for the next couple of months.  Welcome fall…and daylight’s descent toward winter.

last minutes of sun