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A Macro Kind of Day

Today was a macro kind of day.  There’s this funky little shop in Leucadia that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while.  I love the way it looks…the green building, the orange fence, and the wonderful old truck used a planted filled with succulents.  It’s called Glorious Gardens Landscape and they specialize in succulents and xeriscape (drought tolerant landscaping).


I wandered through the cacti and succulents in this tiny outdoor storefront.  Succulents are like plants from another world.  They have unusual colors, sharp angles and often geometrical design elements, and many sprout crazy flowers like flagpoles waving a celebratory banner.  I am drawn to them.  They remind me of some of my favorite people: resilient and quirky!  These people listen to their own drum beat and persist and follow through with what others often see as crazy dreams or unrealistic projects.  Lucky for our students–many of these people are educators working to make a difference in the world!

While waiting for my plants to be potted (yeah, I couldn’t resist!) I spent some time with my macro lens looking closely at these fascinating plants.  Here’s an assortment (using the app fuzel) of some of the images I captured.


I fell in love with this particular plant today…in shades of gray.  It’s both delicate and sturdy.  Intricate and simple…and simply beautiful.  And in it’s macro close up, I feel like I am looking at it eye to eye.  It’s looking closely at me while I look closely at it.


What do you notice when you have a macro kind of day?