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Quirky: NPM22 Day 11

Quirky is a word I love, but still, when I saw it as the #verselove prompt by Kim over at Ethical ELA I felt at a loss. What poem will I write that fits this category?

It’s our first day back after Spring Break–and my first April day with my students. We primed ourselves for National Poetry Month before Spring Break at the end of March by writing a collaborative Poetry Is poem. And today, I brought out a favorite Eve Merriam poem, Peeling an Orange to serve as a mentor text for students. (You can see my experimentation on day 1 of National Poetry Month.) We’ve studied a poem each week of the school year, laying down an appreciation for and familiarity with poetry and the interesting language it is known for. And we write poetry regularly–I love short writing forms (for all ages) and the permission to break rules that poetry allows.

I lay out all of this to establish my own quirkiness as a teacher of writing. My expectations for the 6 and 7 year olds in my class are sky high–and when it comes to writing, they seldom let me down. I establish early on my love for egrets–they make a great writing topic that my students come to know and expect. While they didn’t know much about them early in the school year, they are quite familiar with them now.

Finally–get to the point already! When I picked my students up after lunch today they rushed me, so excited they simply couldn’t stay in line. Mrs. Douillard–there was a snowy egret! What?! I was looking around the playground. Really? A snowy egret on the playground? No–it was flying over the playground. I missed it–but they loved it and loved knowing that I would love it. So, inspired by my students and their excitement, my quirky poem is a Haiku capturing this moment.

snowy egret flies

yellow footed pistons tucked tight

playground showoff


And here I circle back to the first grade poets I love and teach and their Peeling an Orange inspired poetry.

B wrote about lizards

Catching a Lizard

skittering like

the second hand

in all different

shapes and sizes

not very easy to see

but they are still very


R wrote her own quirky piece


A fuzzy bushy fearless fighter rodent

when he bites you you immediately put your hand on your cut

and you will get rabies

chattering in the trees

gathering nuts for the winter

And C chose turtle as a topic

Finding a Turtle

A turtle’s shell is hard.

But inside it is soft.

It’s slow but

its heart is fast.

Some turtles

have strong shells

some are weak.

A Macro Kind of Day

Today was a macro kind of day.  There’s this funky little shop in Leucadia that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while.  I love the way it looks…the green building, the orange fence, and the wonderful old truck used a planted filled with succulents.  It’s called Glorious Gardens Landscape and they specialize in succulents and xeriscape (drought tolerant landscaping).


I wandered through the cacti and succulents in this tiny outdoor storefront.  Succulents are like plants from another world.  They have unusual colors, sharp angles and often geometrical design elements, and many sprout crazy flowers like flagpoles waving a celebratory banner.  I am drawn to them.  They remind me of some of my favorite people: resilient and quirky!  These people listen to their own drum beat and persist and follow through with what others often see as crazy dreams or unrealistic projects.  Lucky for our students–many of these people are educators working to make a difference in the world!

While waiting for my plants to be potted (yeah, I couldn’t resist!) I spent some time with my macro lens looking closely at these fascinating plants.  Here’s an assortment (using the app fuzel) of some of the images I captured.


I fell in love with this particular plant today…in shades of gray.  It’s both delicate and sturdy.  Intricate and simple…and simply beautiful.  And in it’s macro close up, I feel like I am looking at it eye to eye.  It’s looking closely at me while I look closely at it.


What do you notice when you have a macro kind of day?