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An Unusual Point of View

Yesterday I wrote a post about playing with frames where I was looking for different ways to photograph the ordinary in my life.  This evening I headed off to the beach (again) to cool off and enjoy the sunset.  And with my iPhone camera in hand I was again looking for new ways to explore the beach photographically.

When I sat down to write this post, I wondered about my topic.  Would I write about my school day?  Would I participate in Five Minute Friday and write about red?  I took a quick look at my blog reader and saw today’s Friday Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post…and discovered that this week’s challenge is just what I have been working at!  The challenge is titled, “An Unusual Point of View” and talks about trying new ways to take photos of ordinary (or popular) views.

Back to the beach.  The tide was ultra low when we arrived and the seabirds were feasting in the wet sand.  I love sandpipers and their gently curved beaks that poke deep in the wet sand pulling up tiny shellfish and crabs.  I was stalking this pair as they searched the shore and shot this photo, capturing the reflection of the cliffs in the wet sand.  Can you spot my pair of sandpipers?


As the sun moved lower on the horizon, I took a few shots and then felt that they were too much like the sunset photos I took last week.  How could I frame them differently?  I noticed that through my sunglasses the view looks different than it does when I look without them.  I decided to use my sunglasses as both a frame and filter for a picture of the setting sun.


And then as the sun sat down into the water, I tried using the people in the water as features of my photos.  I tried some fishermen, some surfers…and then captured this pair which I am titling, Into the Sunset.


I love stretching and trying out new strategies.  The experimentation adds a new dimension to my view of the world and has me alert to novel opportunities for photos.  I look forward to seeing what others produce with their unusual points of view.  What does an unusual point of view do to your craft?

The Silent Hand of Design: August’s Photo-a-Day Journey

I’m now just a few days away from a full year of participation in photo-a-day.  This daily practice of taking intentional photographs and posting each day has had a profound effect on my photography skills–and on my powers of noticing in the world.

For the last few months, my #sdawpphotovoices friends and I have been exploring different prompts to push our creativity.  We’ve been inspired by Picasso and Neil Gaiman and last month we spent each week focused on a single color.

I recently came across this Ted Talk by Rob Forbes who talks about design within reach.  He takes about 5000 photos each year, capturing interesting design elements.

I love the idea of the silent hand of design uncovered in the photos he takes.  Unexpected patterns and textures, angles and curves, symmetry and technology pop up in our everyday lives when we take the time to look.  Forbes suggests that the first job of design is to serve a social purpose and that the best design preserves diversity and culture.

For the month of August, let’s focus our photography on design.  Each week we will focus on a different element…and at the end of the week we’ll reflect on our photographs and curate our own observations and learning.  (I am cross-posting this at SDAWP Voices where Barb will create a link up for us each week)


Take a picture each day that somehow captures the design element and post it to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr using the hashtag #sdawpphotovoices.  (You can post anywhere—if you want others to be able to follow your photos, Instagram and Twitter are best!)  For more information about posting click here.  At the end of each week let’s add an additional challenge:  curate your pictures from the week and select one to highlight.  You might post it on your blog along with some musings about why you selected it.  If you don’t have a blog of your own, you have a couple of choices—you can create a blog (be sure to share it with us by including your blog address in the comments here—or better yet, tweet it using the hashtag #sdawpphotovoices) or you can post to the SDAWP Voices blog.

August 1-4:  symmetry

August 4 or 5: reflect on your week and share your thinking and picture (or collage) on the link up

August 5-11:  curves

August 11 or 12:  reflect on your week and share your thinking and picture (or collage) on the link up

August 12-18:  angles

August 18 or 19:  reflect on your week and share your thinking and picture (or collage) on the link up

August 19-25:  patterns

August 25 or 26:  reflect on your week and share your thinking and picture (or collage) on the link up

August 26-31:  repetition

August 31 or September 1:  reflect on your week and share your thinking and picture (or collage) on the link up

As an extra invitation, at the end of the month, pick your five favorites to inspire a bit of writing or art or something else you want to make.  Be sure to share your creativity and what you discover through the process.  I can’t wait to see what our focus on design elements will reveal!