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Food Truck Adventure

I’m not much of a foodie…and that certainly won’t surprise anyone who knows me.  But tonight we decided to have an adventure of sorts…and chase down a food truck.  My husband has been following the Pierogi Truck on Twitter, desperately wanting to relive a childhood taste memory of eating pierogis–a Polish dish that his mom made when he was a kid.  These dumpling-like creations are not easy to find…and honestly, I haven’t expressed much interest in eating them.

pierogi truck

So tonight, with the Pierogi Truck not too far from our neighborhood, we decided to take this taste adventure.  Parked in a business park near a brewery, the purple truck was waiting.  We walked up and were greeted by the two women who worked the truck and Geoff immediately engaged in a conversation about the Polish foods of his childhood.

ordering pierogis

So I had my first taste of pierogis tonight, a potato and cheese dumpling served with a sour cream or yogurt sauce on the side.  They were pretty tasty…with a beer from from Iron Fist brewery on the side.

potato and cheese pierogis

Geoff went for the sampler plate with an assortment of Polish delicacies…pierogis and Polish sausage and more.

polish sausage and more

The food was good and the adventure was better.  It was fun to go out and do something out of the ordinary, to wander into a warehouse and sip a cold beer, watch some arm wrestling, pet some dogs, and do a bit of people watching.

Iron Fist kegs

And even though pierogis will not likely ever be my favorite food, it was fun to taste them, and to watch my husband savor the flavors he’d been remembering and imagining for so long.  It was quite an adventure to head out on a Friday evening in search of a food truck.  We’re already talking about other food truck possibilities…  Who knows where our next adventure will take us!