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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rebel

Here’s the week 12 Weekly Photo Challenge prompt for the NWP iAnthology!

Although I know that the official definition of rebel has to do with opposition to authority, particularly a government or ruler, I am drawn to small instances of rebellion (yeah, I know, I do take some liberties with language!).  When I saw this red bloom amid a sea of yellow blossoms my first thought was…a rebel!  One who defies authority and asserts individuality.

rebel red flower

Which then reminded me of this photo I snapped of one of my third graders a couple of weeks ago who arrived at school in the morning in this pink fedora.  It immediately became a symbol for me…of play and playfulness, and rebellion!  I like these small pushes against the status quo and the expectations of how everyone should behave (or dress).

pink fedora

And then, if you follow my blog at all (www.thinkingthroughmylens.wordpress.com), you know that I have had a recent obsession with weeds and a previous fascination with dandelions. When I looked at this image (from my front lawn), I again saw a rebel in the form of a dandelion standing tall above the grass.

dandelion puff

So this week’s photo challenge is to find images that represent your concept of a rebel.  Small rebellions are great–or even just some push against the status quo as represented by an image.  Post either the photo alone or along with writing inspired by the photo. I also invite you to use others’ photos as inspiration for your own writing and photography. I often use another photographer’s image as “mentor text” for my own photography, trying to capture some element in my own way.

I like to share my images and writing on social media…and I invite you to share yours widely too. (You might consider Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+) Use the hashtag #rebel and include @nwpianthology to make it easy for us to find and enjoy. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @kd0602. I’d love to follow you if you share your handle.

You can also share your photos and writing by linking to this blog post or sharing in the comment section below. Maybe we’ll start a movement as we uncover rebels in our midst!