Popover Memories: SOLC #21

If you’ve read this blog over the years, you know a couple of things about me and food.

Today, my husband decided, would be the perfect morning for popovers. Unlike biscuits, popovers are not a food I grew up eating. In fact, I first had popovers a few years ago: at Acadia National Park in Maine.

I listened to the mixer whirl as Geoff prepared the ingredients to pour into the special popover pan that we purchased upon returning from our Maine exploration. It’s one of those pans that is specially made for just this purpose–so most of the time, the pan is buried in a lower drawer that we don’t frequently access.

While they baked in the oven we had a quick conversation with our 5-year-old twin grandsons, who love to see what grandpa is up to in the kitchen. After saying goodbye to their special friends (those special much-loved items that are always close by when they are at home), I heard the timer ring. When the oven opened, a warm eggy smell filled the air, mixing with the smell of coffee freshly brewed.

And as I bit into one of these tasty treats, smothered in butter and jam, my mind revisited that moment when I was introduced to this comforting snack on a cool summer day not far from Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.

We had walked and walked, following a hiking trail that circled the pond.

My camera ever in hand, I couldn’t resist take photos of all the mushrooms. There were so many varieties and they were such bright colors! (So different from mushroom life here in Southern California!)

And we ended our adventure in a National Park restaurant–known for its popovers. So when in popover territory–and after hiking all day–try some popovers.

Today’s popover breakfast took me back to that wonderful Maine exploration. What a wonderful way to take a mini-vacation through my memories (and some photos) in the midst of this mind-numbing pandemic. I look forward to my next trip to Maine and some more popovers…sooner rather than later!

7 thoughts on “Popover Memories: SOLC #21

  1. mbhmaine

    Oh! Those popovers look fabulous and I loved seeing your Maine photos. Jordan Pond is a favorite hike of ours–on the rare occasions we make it up to Acadia. I really enjoyed this delicioius time-traveling slice!

  2. eddiehren

    It’s so cool how senses of smell and taste can so easily take us back places with such clarity. It’s great when we can capture them in writing like you have here too. And those things look delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Shari Daniels

    What a lovely slice, Kim. I was reminded of the popovers my mother used to make. We’d fill them with vanilla ice cream and drizzle chocolate sauce over them. My goodness, I have not have them for so many years, I’d almost forgotten they existed! And, those mushroom photos are exquisite – I am a mushroom adorer, as well. I’m completely fascinated by them. I love how your memory was sparked by this delicious soul food. 🙂


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