Advice from a Willet: SOL22 Day 13

On this “spring ahead” day, I found myself watching a shorebird, a willet, and thinking about those “advice from” posters and bookmark you see around. Maybe after watching and taking plenty of photos of these guys over the years, I can write from a willet’s perspective…giving some advice.

A willet and its reflection @kd0602 2022

Advice from a Willet

Hang out on the shoreline, inhale its briny breath, breathe out the day’s worries

Take time to reflect, look back to move forward

In the light @kd0602 2022

Enjoy the light, energize yourself with sunshine

Stop to pose, let others appreciate your unique beauty

Over the shoulder @kd0602 2021

Look over your shoulder, remember where you’ve been and where you came from

Stretch, keep your body moving and flexible

Wings out @kd0602 2016

Dance and sing, even if you are the only one who hears the music

Spread your wings, be ready to take flight and explore the world

@kd0602 2022

8 thoughts on “Advice from a Willet: SOL22 Day 13

  1. mrssurridge

    I love this! Your photos make your story even more complete. I didn’t realize willets were so wise.

  2. Charlene Doland

    I love this! Do you do exercises like this with your students? Looking at the world through another (animal) character’s point of view?

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Hi Charlene. I have done this with my 3rd graders–we studied some of those advice pieces and each student created their own. It’s actually pretty fun. (You do need to know some things about whatever animal/character you are taking on, of course.)

  3. mbhmaine

    What a great slice! I love how you created advice from the willet and your photos are fabulous! (Also, this is a bird we have in common, although I typically see them in the marsh, not at the shore.)


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