Time to Explore-A Haiku Sonnet: NPM23 Day 3

Today’s poem is inspired by a day exploring the Red Rock Canyon Conservancy outside of Las Vegas. Stacey over at #verselove suggested a Haiku sonnet composed of 4 3-line Haiku and two more lines. But of course, I couldn’t resist also turning my Haiku sonnet into a photo essay. Enjoy!

Time to Explore

Twirling and swirling

Hair soaring like sacred bird

Breath stolen by wind

Braving the wind

Define resilience

Windswept tree emerges from rock

Strength is surviving

tree rising from rocks

Scrambling. Rocks not eggs

Terrain fit for mountain goats

Will hike for ahhh, views

scrambled to this view

Rare desert water

Liquid gold, secret to life

Listen. It’s singing

the sweet songs of water

Glimpses, moments, stay present

Appreciate nature’s bounty.

manzanita in bloom

3 thoughts on “Time to Explore-A Haiku Sonnet: NPM23 Day 3

  1. joyeleven

    Hi Kim, what a glorious collection of photos to accompany your haiku sonnet. My family visited Red Rock often when my mom was still alive. Now, my stepdad lives in Vegas with my uncle so I don’t see it as much as I used to. I love your last two lines because it confirms my decision on Saturday to cancel my gym membership and stick with the motivation from nature walks/hikes. Thank you for this beautiful poem, I’ll comment on Ethical ELA too.


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