Geo-Logic Logic: NPM23 Day 4

On day four, I found myself tasked with being grammatically ungrammatical and playing around with words. (Check out Jennifer’s prompt over at #verselove for more information). After another day spent with incredible geology filling my eyes at Valley of Fire, I decided to play around with some geology words. Here’s what I came up with!

Geo-Logic Logic

When boulders shoulder

Merging silica and limestone

Cross-bedding beehives of red

Sand dunes of dinosaurs

Mountain into fiery geometry

Geo-logical equations

Strata striate

Rainbows blasted in everpresent wind

Building hidey holes for whack a mole

Cryptobiotic soil

Gardens Cyanobacteria

Micro nourishments for life below the surface

Mind muddled, brain baffled

Geologic time unfurls

A spectacle of wonder

1 thought on “Geo-Logic Logic: NPM23 Day 4

  1. margaretsmn

    You make this place more beautiful with your crafted verse. I don’t know all the geological terms; however, the whole idea of these formations being a part of our earth fascinates me. Love “beehives of red.”


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